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I'm using putty to ssh to a unix server I can't see any colours is one major annoyance also, if I press home/end, backspace etc it doesn't work.

I tried changing the Keyboard configuration, but none of the combinations I tried worked.

any ideas?

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What type of server? Linux? Solaris? Something else?

For each key, the aim is to have tput <key name> produce the same output as pressing
Ctrl+V <key>.

  1. Log on to your server
  2. Run echo $TERM
    • it should say xterm or putty
  3. Run tput kbs | cat -v
    • if it says ^H, change PuTTY settings so backspace sends ^H
    • if it says ^?, change PuTTY settings so backspace sends ^?
    • if it prints an error message, and you have TERM=putty, run TERM=xterm and try again
  4. Run tput khome | cat -v
    • tell us the output and we can figure out which setting you need

See Configuring PuTTY for some hints and more details.

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server is Solaris (SunOS,Sun-Fire-V215), tput kbs | cat -v gave ^H, I set putty backspace to ^H, backspace is working now, but the delete key is still showing ~ khome kbs | cat -v gave ^H, I set the Home and End keys to rxvt, home is working now, end is not doing anything. I have the Functions Keys and keypad set to XtermR6, the keypad (i.e. when I switch off the Num Lock) seems to be working ok – Charbel Feb 10 '11 at 10:15

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