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we are using two terminal desktop servers of same versions at work. there is server A and B. Users tend to have only one fully customized user profile only at A or B. We want them to connect to load balancer and automatically assign the user to A or B - so they wouldn't connect directtly to IP address but the "DNS name".

Thus, is there a way to transfer user's profile with Firefox profile, internet explorer profile with all bookmarks, icons stuff etc?

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Are these on the same network / domain? – Joe Taylor Feb 10 '11 at 11:19
yes they are on the same domain and network – Greenleader Feb 10 '11 at 11:52

You can use Windows NT Backup.

Or using moveuser.exe which supports moving between domains (see: man)

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I think you are going to run into an issue with the most current files in a user directory issue unless they are synced. You could have a script use one of the tools mentioned copy the profile over at login, or at the beginning of the workday, but then if the user logs in at a different time during the day and is redirected from A to B and they were in A the documents are not updated. Then you would have to look at syncing files on login and logout this gets tedious and possibly bandwidth intensive.

DFS replication may be your solution but it is not without its caveats as seen in this Technet support blog post. Now there are many people who don't have any issues using it in this way, but I don't doubt that it could end turning into a mess.

Is DFS suited for User profiles? Technet article

DFS-FRS PRO Articles/posts OLD - NEW

DFS-FRS against

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