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I am working on a project where I need to display nice flowers on a website. Now the flowers that I have got are not that well made, and making new ones is too much of a hassle.

I will display the image I have, and the image i want to create. enter image description here

Now the image above is the one I have. You can see it is not that bright, and the colors of the flowers are not that vivid,bright, sharp.

enter image description here

Now here I have an image that is really sharp, vivid and good looking.

Anyone know a method to turn picture 1 into picture 2.

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Since you are probably new to photoshop I would suggest you use pre-made actions to get the desired effects. You will find many actions if you google for it but I'll give you a few link so that you get a head start.

70 of the best Photoshop actions

60 actions for photo touch ups

124 Free photoshop actions

Getting the desired effect on your photo is a process of trial and error, as the actions can react differently to your photo than the illustrated effect shown as the demo.

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