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I've used this python script to disable iTunes from launching when one of the media keys has been pressed. However, when I want to use it with Spark it doesn't respond to the media keys as input for a hotkey.

Basically it doesn't have to be Spark, but I'd like to map shell commands to my mediakeys instead. How can I do this?

Thanks! Dennis

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You can't. They are intercepted before any application can register that a key has been pressed. The python script replaces the actual iTunes binary because there's no other way to do this!

You don't get an additional 12 keys by (not) pressing Fn.

(they also cannot be pressed programmatically, e.g. AppleScript's key code or keystroke commands!)

If you don't use the F-keys otherwise, consider using them (instead of media key functionality).

enter image description here

To use some keys as standard function keys, others as media/special keys, use FunctionFlip.

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Daniel Beck is the winner! Works great for me :D – FLX Feb 10 '11 at 23:59

Yep, you can. Here's a google translate page explaining it, from Lifehacker.

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This patches a core service to not dispatch a call to iTunes. He doesn't get freely assignable keys this way, which is what the question is about. – Daniel Beck Feb 11 '11 at 20:09

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