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For some Selinium test work, I need to keep JavaScript enabled in Firefox... yet specifically disable JavaScript's ability to launch alert boxes (Selenium doesn't yet handle them in the "onload" event). After some searching online, I found that you can do this by setting the following user preference:

user_pref("capability.policy.default.Window.alert", "noAccess");

You can put this in the user.js for a particular Firefox profile, but I don't use multiple profiles. So I added it by:

  1. putting "about:config" in my address bar
  2. right-clicking and selecting "new"
  3. adding the name-value pair above

This works! Firefox no longer supports JavaScript alert boxes. However, now that I am through testing... the issue is that I cannot UNDO this.

When I go back to "about:config", I do not find that name-value pair in the list of preferences. I likewise find nothing in "prefs.js". Where did that preference get saved? How I nuke it, and return to normal?

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If you have more than one profile, have you browsed all the prefs.js in each profile? I would also make sure Firefox isn't running at this time. – ngen Feb 11 '11 at 21:43
I recall some versions of Firefox having a bug where newly-created prefs would not appear in about:config until Firefox was restarted. – grawity Feb 12 '11 at 21:22
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I'm a moron. It turns out that I was looking at the "prefs.js" in the Firefox installation directory. I should have been looking at the "prefs.js" file under my home directory (the exact location may differ based on your operating system). Changes made through "about:config" are persisted in the latter location.

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