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I learned from about How to Direct Connect a Windows laptop to an Ubuntu Laptop, quoted as follows:

  1. Power on both computers.
  2. Plug the crossover cable into each computer's respective ethernet port.
  3. Set the Windows computer to use a static IP address.
  4. Set the Linux computer to use a static IP address. The two computers should now be able to communicate.

I was wondering:

  1. How to set up to use a static IP address in both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 with WICD?
  2. When finishing the four steps, what softwares to run on the two computers for them to see each other and transfer files from/to each other?
  3. If the same method applies to any two OSes? For example, Windows and Windows, Ubuntu and Ubuntu?

Thanks and regards!

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I agree with @Kyle, Samba is probably the easiest way to go. If you want to set a static IP in Ubuntu just open a Terminal and type ifconfig. Find the port for your wireless or ethernet LAN that you're using (usually eth0 or wlan0) then type ifconfig eth0 <static-ip-here> replacing <static-ip-here> with something like – aqua Feb 12 '11 at 1:51

IF the computers are already on the same network you can skip the whole top part and just install Samba. Here is the guide from the Ubuntu forums, this is a fairly simple method of sharing files between the two OS's.

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