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I am a unix noob using zsh on mac osx and playing with tmux.

I opened up a terminal window in iTerm2 then ran tmux. Once that was opened I created a few new windows with ctrl+b c. I then closed iTerm2. Afterwards I opened up iTerm2 again and ran ps and now I see something like this

  PID TTY           TIME CMD 
73322 ttys000    0:00.19 -zsh
70385 ttys002    0:00.16 -zsh
67526 ttys003    0:00.12 -zsh
67570 ttys004    0:00.12 -zsh
67614 ttys005    0:00.13 -zsh

Is there a way I can somehow attach to those terminal windows again? Maybe using iTerm2 or tmux? I tried tmux attach -t ttys000 but as I understand it, I need to be attaching to a named tmux session.

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You can do tmux ls to list available sessions and tmux attach -t session to re-attach.

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straight to the point, i like that – Uninoo Feb 13 '11 at 4:40

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