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I have a removable hard drive formatted to NTFS and hooked into a media streamer. When I unplug the drive from the streamer and plug it into my windows 7 system (the same one I used one format that drive!), I can see and access all the folders, but I am unable to do anything else. When trying to delete or copy any file to and from the drive, I get a file not found error. That's clearly not correct since, as I said, I can see that file in explorer or the command prompt.

If I plug the drive to an XP SP2 system I can do anything I want including copy and delete.

Suggestions anyone?

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Do a file system check. Windows 7 might also have permission issues. Since they're different OSes, the security might be counting against you. – user3463 Feb 13 '11 at 19:12
I tried looking at the security settings in windows 7, got an error saying that security data is unavailable – Jim Feb 13 '11 at 19:51
  1. Run a check dsk
  2. take ownership of the root folders (right click/properties/security tab/advanced)
  3. change permissions in the folders making sure your user have full access permision. Be sure to check "Replace all child permissions..."

BTW, once I had a USB drive formated with OSX. In windows it showed as a read only CD Driver. I HAD TO plug it again in OSX to be able to format the HD.

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