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I have a series of Maya .iff files and would like to mash them into a .mov - the caveat of course is that I'd like to use something free (for now). I'm sure QuickTime Pro is easy & high quality, but I'm trying to keep the budget low until I can start getting paid for this.

I don't mind if it's not the easiest thing to use, and it doesn't have to be the world's best quality. I figure that'll come once I shell out some cash.

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Have you tried VLC? It supports many different formats and can be used to convert formats:


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Sadly, VLC doesn't produce quicktime files. Looks like this will be at least a 2 part process. –  Kara Marfia Feb 14 '11 at 15:28
  1. Choose the pictures, slideshow, or album you want to include in your movie.

  2. Select "File" then "Export"

  3. Based on the option you chose in Step 1, you can do one of the following:

    a) If you chose "Slideshow" - name your movie, save it to a file that is easily accessible, determine the size, then click "Export."

    b) If you chose "Individual Photos", or an "Album" - at the top you will see "Export Photos"; from there select the "QuickTime" button, then proceed to the following steps.

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I may have been unclear, I don't actually have Quicktime pro. ;) –  Kara Marfia Jul 27 '11 at 18:19

For anyone still wondering how to do this with .iff files, it can be done using VirtualDub. On the VirtualDub 'Open Video' dialog, make sure that the 'Automatically load linked segments' checkbox is checked, navigate to and click on the first file in the sequence, then click open.

The video can then be saved as an .avi file.

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