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Say we have a game that runs 100% cpu time via its global loop. However, we need to 'sleep()' its main process externally so that it goes to lower cpu time.

We do not have access to its source.

Is it possible? On windows.

I'd prefer methods who do not involve injecting the binary which are often illegal.

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You can use Process Explorer to suspend the process, but I'm not sure that will yield the same result as you expect @lel – Sathya Feb 14 '11 at 9:43

The best you can do externally without injecting is to lower the process priority, e.g to Idle (you can do this from Task Manager). If you do that, the process will still take 100 %, but only when no other processes want to use the CPU.

Some other tools which might help you in this (based only on their description, I did not try them) are Prio or Process Tamer.

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