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I am trying to use ninite to get my new laptop set up quickly. However when I try to install, windows complains about the CA. The website also shows certificate problems. They use a root CA (COMODO Certification Authority) that is not included into windows 7 by default.

However I am not able to install that CA. I can view the certrification path for the cert. I can view the cert for COMODO. However I cannot see any option to install it.

Any clues?

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does it have a secure website?? an https one?? If yes then go to that site and get the certificate from der... – Vineet Menon Mar 22 '12 at 5:57

Ninite's (root) certificate is accepted on Windows and I am unsure why you are getting this error.

Try checking your date/time and make sure it is set correctly.

If it is, try performing a Windows update and downloading all Root Certificate updates.

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I did several updates of windows now. Still no luck. Could you specifiy what you exactly mean by 'downloading all Root Certificates' Is there a tool for that? Can I do it on the MS-Homepage? – er4z0r Feb 14 '11 at 11:48
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Ok here is what I did: I checked the certificate settings under Internet Options -> Content. There I found that Comod was registered as a valid INTERMEDIATE CA. So I exported this cert. and Imported it as a trusted root CA. Now ninite works just fine.

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