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I have a laptop running Windows 7 Starter Edition. What is the procedure for changing the language setting from Spanish to English?

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Changing the display language of a Windows installation is only supported in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise. On other editions (possibly not Starter, as it has strange restrictions, but certainly Home and Professional builds) you can install a Language Interface Pack, but this only translates a small portion of the most commonly used interface elements. Please see this link for downloads and further details.

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Install Vistalizator, it lets you change language on pretty much any windows version including windows 7 starter:

This tool allows you to change display language in Windows editions other than (officially supported) Ultimate, like Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business/Professional.

Vistalizator overrides the limit of one MUI language on non-Ultimate Windows editions.

Step by step installation instructions here.

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