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I gonna have to change my Windows PC with a colleague at office. I've added a few rsa ssh keys while playing around with git, github, heroku and a few others.

What'd be the best way to remove all my credentials from my Windows PC?

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You can use the mmc.exe application to manage the installed certificates. Start : Run... mmc.exe and add the Certificates plugin. The GUI will show you all the installed certificates and allow you to export/remove them.

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certmgr.msc – grawity Feb 16 '11 at 19:31

SSH keys have no standard location. If you generated them using OpenSSH's ssh-keygen or PuTTY's PuTTYgen, all you need is to delete the key files you created. (OpenSSH keeps them in ~/.ssh/ by default.)

Don't forget a free-space wipe (cipher /w:C:\ will do).

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