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I want to insert date and time into a cell of an Excel spreadsheet. NOW() and TODAY() don't fit my needs. These functions insert dynamic date. But I want static: if I insert the date it won't change with time.

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To insert the current date, hold control and press the semicolon key. This will quickly insert the current date in a non-dynamic way.

Control + ; will insert the date
Control + Shift + ; will insert the time.

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for me, this simply does not work. It worked before my last windows reinstall. What do you suggest? – Radu Simionescu Jun 6 '13 at 5:25

Type it.

Make sure to set the cell type as date.

(Mokubai's answer is much better though!)

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You can copy > paste special > value then it won't change. You can use this for all sorts of formulas, such as RAND().

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