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2   2   =A1*B1

produces correct result, but when copied to a new row the formula make static reference to Row1.

I tried this and it works

2   2   =PRODUCT(LEFT)

BUT must be able to explicitly select which column in the formula.

Can anyone tell me a specific keyword or have some other formula to use a cell reference on the same row as the formula?

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Word tables have very limited formula handling capabilities and must be recalculated by hand. I think you would be better off creating a spreadsheet in Excel (if you have it) and then either copy & paste the rows and columns of data from one program to the other OR save the spreadsheet as an Excel file and then insert that into your Word document.

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I agree with @martineau, Excel is the way. You can insert an Excel sheet into a Word doc without creating a separate excel file:

In 2003 - From Insert/Object Create New... Microsoft Excel Worksheet

In 2007 - Insert - Table - Excel Spreadsheet

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