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Is there any chrome extension which rotates image on a page? Some photo sharing sites, does not rotate vertical image automatically. So i need to see those images by turning my head. Is there any chrome extension which can do the job for me easily when i browse?

I have tried .picnik, but that seems too heavy lifting for my purpose.

Thank you.

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In case you need one for Firefox: Image Zoom

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If you don't want an extension for that, and don't mind wacky behavior with all images on a web page, you can use the following bookmarklet script by creating a bookmark and using the script below as address:


On SuperUser, it rotates all avatar pictures (not the logo though, as it works differently). You might need it in two variants though, 90deg and 270deg, since repeatedly pressing the bookmarklet won't have any effect.

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There is actually a much better Chrome Extension called IMG Rotate which allows you to right-click an image and just select how much you want to rotate it by.

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The extension Flip this allows you to do this.

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