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I'm using VMWare and a Linux Mint guest OS.

How can I install the VMWare Tools? The file is called

I've tried running this in the terminal, but it doesn't work.


I can't seem to remember what command I had to use. Thanks!

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Turns out I needed: sudo ./ – Sergio Tapia Feb 16 '11 at 1:43
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For future reference, the .pl extension is generally used for Perl scripts. Ensure the file is executable (chmod +x then run ./ or sudo if you are not in a privileged shell. If there is a properly written she-bang line it will run the script. If not, try sudo perl

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it gives me this error: bash: ./ /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: no such file or directory. – SolarWind Sep 4 '14 at 10:39


sudo perl

The .pl is a Perl file, might also need to make sure Perl and the other dependencies listed in the docs are installed too.

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