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I have a sql server database running. I can connect to this database when my laptop is plugged in via a wired connection. I can connect to file shares on the server or remote desktop to the server over wired or wireless. But I cannot connect to the database over the wireless connection.

Any ideas why this would work over the wired connection only?

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If you create a new ODBC connection (if you're using it) while wireless does the connection through that work (when clicking test connection)? – Windos Feb 17 '11 at 3:15
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Update: Never mind. I had it working this morning, but this afternoon I can't connect again.

I got this working. To fix it, I changed the sql server port rule in the firewall to allow edge traversal: Allow Edge Traversal The reason this works is that our wireless network is on a different vlan (subnet) from our wired network, so from the firewall's perspective the inbound packets were coming through a layer 3 edge device.

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