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I am making a document and writing the body. I have many headings like:

1 Introduction (applied heading1 style)

2 Basics (applied heading1 style)

3 Experimentation (applied heading1 style)

1 setup (applied heading2 style)

2 results (applied heading2 style)

3 graphs (applied heading2 style)

4 interpretation (applied heading2 style)

4 Conclusion (applied heading1 style)

At Experimentation, I start an inner list of 4 items. and then I continue with next item in outer list, Next item is Conclusion. I want Conclusion to be numbered 4, but by default it continues from inner list of Experimentation and takes the number 5. I can manually change it to 4 by right clicking on it and "set numbering value" to 4. But problem with this is that, if I insert an item between Basics and Experimentation, then in continuation, I would like Conclusion to be numbered as 5, but since earlier I had hard-coded the Conclusion number as 4, it remains the same. How to do it, so that number is Conclusion gets auto-adjusted.

Is there any other way to solve the mentioned problem? Perhaps word could detect which list numbering I want to continue based on style which I have applied on the text or something totally different solution..

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I just did the above numbering on my Word 2007 and it worked!

The point is, don't right click on b but right click on the number before b (i.e. 2))

The option Restart at 1 should appear like below:

Right click on 2

The result should be something like:

Numbering restarted at 1

Extra information:

Select all the content you want to put in your list, then select the indicated multilevel list from the List library as below:

Select the multilevel list

Next set the style to your text (e.g. Heading 1 or Heading 2 and so on) according to the level of the list you want. It will automatically do the hierarchical numbering according to the Heading level selected, like below:

Select the heading level

If you want to personalize the numbering format just click on Define New Multilevel List:

New Multilevel List

Then you can edit the multilevel properties according to your "taste" and you won't need to use the Tab thing.

Optional: To set alignment and hierarchical numbering just press Tab at the b1, for instance, to put it within list of b and the hierarchical numbering will be changed automatically if you press Tab again it will go to a lower level of list.

To come back to a higher level of list just hold Shift and press Tab.

Note: To use this Tab feature the cursor must be at the beginning of the line (i.e. before b1 or b2, etc).

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Thanks yes. A few more questions: How do I make the inner list start on inner alignment than heading 1 lists.I chose heading 2 style for inner list, but the text starts from the same alignment. What is the style for shifted alignment in list? Also how do I have hierarchical numbering, so list within 2) b should be called as 2.1) and 2.2) – p2pnode Feb 17 '11 at 10:05
@learnerforever: look at the Extra information. – Johnny Feb 17 '11 at 11:09
Thanks for the follow-up. tab thing works. I still have a question on I can't get hierarchical numbers for inner list. Please look in addition of my question. – p2pnode Feb 17 '11 at 11:39
@learnerforever: I have edited my answer, and now I think that if you follow the steps on "Extra information" you will have the numbering expected. – Johnny Feb 17 '11 at 13:19
THANKS!! It works. Thanks again for the detailed answer. – p2pnode Feb 17 '11 at 15:03

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