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There are a number of resources out there showing how you should 'Setup' Windows 7 when using a SSD (disable defrag, superfetch, etc.), but is there anything you should do if running Windows 7 inside VMWare Fusion on a SSD?

I guess there are two instances here

  • Running VMWare Inside a Virtual Drive
  • Running VMWare accessing a Boot Camp Partition

I'm concerned with the first item right now, but may possibly move to a Boot Camp partition if performance does not increase.

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You want to do the same things. The objective is to prevent excessive/unnecessary writes to the SSD, whether the guest is using the drive directly (Boot Camp) or though an intermediary layer (VMDK/VHD).

possibly move to a Boot Camp partition if performance does not increase.

Performance for what? What are you expecting to do?

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Performance is for using this for Development/Visual Studio 2010 – ncyankee Feb 17 '11 at 20:26
An SSD should help that out quite a bit. Giving your guest VM enough RAM is also important, which of course requires your host having that kind of RAM to spare. – afrazier Feb 17 '11 at 20:30

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