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I'd like to cast find on a dir excluding a subdir of its. I've found two very different examples on google and since they both do not even attempt to work, I assume either under OSX things something differs, or I'm doing something strange.

I'd like to do:

find here/ -name '*.xxx' -BUTNOT here/there/ -exec stuff {} \;

Using the examples I tried I either get an error, or 0 matches, or all matches.

I might need to exclude more than one subdir.

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Unfortunately I don't have OS X available right now, but at least in Linux this works:

find . -name \*.xxx -o -path ./path/to/exclude -prune ...

To prune more than one dir, repeat the whole pattern -o -path ... -prune:

find . -name \*.xxx -o -path ./path/to/exclude1 -prune -o -path ./path/to/exclude2 -prune ...
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Oooh initially it didn't work, then I noticed a problem was the trailing / in the path to exclude (while it causes no problems in the patch to search). Thanks! – o0'. Feb 17 '11 at 17:47

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