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I have a Task Scheduler Windows 7 task that invokes firefox.exe on a URL which is an iMacro. Upon completion, the firefox window is left open. I always have firefox running, but it brings up a new window, not sure if this is a new instance of firefox, or a second window. Upon completion of the macro, I'd like the extra window closed. The extra window has a blank tab and a tab for the macro that ran.

How can I set up the task to clean up after itself?

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This needs to be supported by Firefox, or the web page needs to use JavaScript to close the browser window after it's completed.

Do look into the command-line switches though, because the "-remote" switch may let you specify a JavaScript command that can delay then close the window for you. You'll have to do some research into this though, and one helpful starting point may be this web page: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/Command_Line_Options

I hope that helps.

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