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Recently, I setup my Win7 notebook vhd dual-boot. (Copied old Win7 32bit into a vhd disk, repartition and installed new 64bit Win7 into another vhd as new primary system.)

How can I configure bcd to remember the last booted OS as default ? (with timeout)

Is it possible to do ?

Is there any alternative solution supporting vhd boot ?



Without "last selected as default", I had to watch console several times, while chkdisk C drive, for example. (chkdsk C: /f, reboot, select OS, chkdsk....done., reboot, timeout! & another os boot up, have to reboot again...) irritating. :-(

Before VHD multiboot, I used MBM to select boot partition. It can configure timeout, fixed default OS, last selected as default OS, within the boot menu itself ! It's quite handy.

I dislike the messy bcd system... (EasyBCD helps me a lot.)

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this could work, if each OS on load modifies {default} os selection via bcdedit (must run as admin with elevated privileges): see "bcdedit /default /?" command

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I think bcdedit /default only can set one <id> entry for default. Do you mean use bcdedit on Win7 start up or something like that ? – benok Feb 21 '11 at 7:10
that's right, on each OS startup modify a default OS to be loaded via bcdedit /default. Provide ID entry for the current OS. – romka Feb 25 '11 at 21:46

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