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How do I find the folder where my eclipse was being installed in linux?

I can run it via console, but I dont find the folder.

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On a bash terminal type

type -a eclipse
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This command is not what he is looking for. He searches the installation path. The result shown is only the executable. The whereis command is better this gives at least the directories where the parts of eclipse are. locate could help but can be quite confusing, as it produces just a LOT of output. And you might have to run sudo updatedb first. readlink again only gives the executable. – Darokthar Feb 18 '11 at 19:34
@Darokthar If you know where the executable is, you can look inside it (open in editor) and there is the path to the directory. – Rafael Cichocki Nov 1 '14 at 15:54

Try the whereis command:

$ whereis eclipse
eclipse: /usr/share/eclipse
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The executable can be found in:

readlink -f `which eclipse`

readlink is used for symbolic links.

For what concern the other files i guess you can always run:

locate eclipse

to have an idea of how files are distributed in your file system.

Alternatively, if eclipse is installed from a package, you can:

dpkg -L eclipse

to list the files installed from the eclipse package.

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