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Okay guys, this is NOT a direct shopping question. I was wandering around because I need a new laptop. I've popped into this machine.

Anyway: What's the difference?
I found two models on a price list.

E6510 - N Series - Ci5 : This says "Latitude E6510 : N-Series Base"
and the other one:
Latitude E6510 - ... : This says "Latitude E6510 : Standard base"

Whats the deal? Different case? Features?

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The n Series is a Dell product line that does not ship with a pre-installed version of Microsoft Windows. Apparently prohibited from shipping computers without an operating system by an existing licensing agreement with Microsoft, Dell instead ships these systems with either the open-source FreeDOS operating system or the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

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The lack of my google-fu skills are quite disturbing.. ^^" Thanks! – Shiki Feb 18 '11 at 19:18

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