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The alt text to today's comic at (strip below) says:

After years of trying, I broke this habit in a day by decoupling the action and the neurological reward. I set up a simple 30-second delay I had to wait through, in which I couldn't do anything else, before any new page or chat client would load (and only allowed one to run at once). The urge to check all those sites magically vanished--and my 'productive' computer use was unaffected.

(bold is my emphasis)

Does anybody know of a browser extension or other software that will add this sort of delay? I've seen extensions which simply block sites, but not a delay like this.

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Check out Delayed Gratification

Inspired by XKCD, this extension allows you to add a 30-second delay to the loading of websites you specify. This delayed gratification is a small roadbump that removes the instant reward of going to time-wasting websites, while still allowing you to get to them.

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This doesn't reset the timer when you switch away from the tab during the count-down, which is important. This other extension gets it right:… – wcoenen Aug 3 '11 at 22:28
This extension seems to work on a page-by-page basis, not for an entire site. – K Robinson Feb 13 '14 at 20:11

If you're using Chrome, try the Crackbook extension.

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Keep an eye on the comments on Randall's blog post on this topic. There is already a link to a proxy implementation in ruby which delays the loading of certain sites.

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I implemented an extension after reading this comic but never advertised it. Check it out here

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