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Are there any vim plugins for creating a split window with a shell inside? Almost like a split window with the :sh command contained inside. I also can't use something like screen becuase this is in MacVim (gvim for Mac OS X).

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I have not used it (I found it in an SO answer), but Conque is a Vim plugin that seems like it might do what you want: in a (possibly split) Vim window, interact with a spawned program over a pty with a decent amount of terminal emulation*. It requires Vim 7 with Python support and it indicates that MacVim automatically comes with it.

* Vim does not do any terminal emulation itself, which is a problem when trying to use termcap- or terminfo-based software in a :shell under GUI-based instances of Vim (see :help gui-pty).

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That works great! Thanks! – Wuffers Feb 19 '11 at 1:08
I agree with Chris Johnsen. For simple tasks, Conque plugin ( is very nice. I use also Conque-GDB plugin ( to use gdb debugger (for C/C++) as simple IDE INSIDE Vim. Fantastic. With Conque you can open many shell / script inside every vim Window/Tab. Nevertheless if you need SPEED, let consider reverse the point of view: let use tmux ( – Giorgio Robino Sep 15 '15 at 12:40
apart slowness Conque terminal emulator seem to not work very weel with dynamic stdout printout, by example you can't do a really working "watch -n2 "ls -l" inside a Conque termnal inside a vim window... That's why the definitive solution could be using tmux... even if I repeat I love Conque plugins! – Giorgio Robino Sep 15 '15 at 13:27

VimShell is a shell-teminal implementation for vim. It is one of the kind with its own flavour, but definitely fits for simple tasks, and may be you will like it to use it on a regular basis.

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