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Are there any vim plugins for creating a split window with a shell inside? Almost like a split window with the :sh command contained inside. I also can't use something like screen becuase this is in MacVim (gvim for Mac OS X).

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I have not used it (I found it in an SO answer), but Conque is a Vim plugin that seems like it might do what you want: in a (possibly split) Vim window, interact with a spawned program over a pty with a decent amount of terminal emulation*. It requires Vim 7 with Python support and it indicates that MacVim automatically comes with it.

* Vim does not do any terminal emulation itself, which is a problem when trying to use termcap- or terminfo-based software in a :shell under GUI-based instances of Vim (see :help gui-pty).

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That works great! Thanks! –  Wuffers Feb 19 '11 at 1:08

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