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I want to install Z to my Linux:

Here's the installation notes:

#   * put something like this in your .bashrc:
#     . /path/to/
#   * put something like this in your .zshrc:
#     . /path/to/
#     function precmd () {
#       z --add "$(pwd -P)"
#     }
#   * cd around for a while to build up the db
#   * PROFIT!!

The problem is I'm a newbie in Linux, please give me an easy to understand guide.. This installation notes are just too hard to understand..

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thats not helpful at all – Raymond Go Ho Feb 19 '11 at 3:43
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Open terminal.

  1. Go to /home/your-linux-username
  2. Type this: gedit .bashrc
  3. At the end of .bashrc, paste this:

    function precmd () {
         z --add "$(pwd -P)"
  4. You are done.

Now, close restart your terminal, fire some cd commands, like: cd /home/id

then z dir-name will work.

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finally! thanks zengr :) – Raymond Go Ho Feb 19 '11 at 4:26

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