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Till now, I've been the sole and proud owner of an iMac. I've always logged in as an administrator and I've also installed a bunch of software following the standard procedure of dragging and dropping it into the Applications folder.

This is about to change, as sharing it with a friend makes a lot of sense now that I only have time to use the computer in the mornings, and she can only use it at nights.

I thought this was going to be really easy: Just create a user account for her and that's all, I thought.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. When she logins into the computer using her username and password, she has access to the same applications I've installed. Even the same applications that I setup to automatically start when I login start for her when she does.

How can I setup a user that has only access to the applications that she has installed, but none of the ones installed by other users?

Many thanks

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Did you copy any of your files into her home directory? – Daniel Beck Feb 19 '11 at 14:38

Just create a folder Applications in your home directory. You can safely move just about anything that doesn't come with an installer, and even some that do.

Regarding automatically starting applications, those are usually configured in System Preferences » Accounts » Login Items. Make sure she doesn't have any entries there from your applications.

Using Parental Controls in the same preference pane, you can restrict what applications she can use.

enter image description here

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