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When I try to embed a link to a local file in a LaTeX document via \href{file://./path-to-file}{filename} it's typeset as a remote link, so http:// is prepended. How can I link to a local file, with a path relative to the location of the PDF produced?

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you should be able to put the URL in the \url tag:


pdflatex will (I believe) do the right thing, so it appears as a link in the resulting PDF. Whether your computer will know how to open the file is another question.

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In Windows, this format worked for me with a network drive. Note the three backslashes at the front.

\url{file:\\\zfs\\server$\\folder\\sub_folder\\title with spaces_and_underscores.pptx}
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have you tried the \include{}command? Like \include{chapters/filename} you can include a .tex file. But don't write the .tex in the command. There is a page in the StackExchange network, which is only about TeX.

My base TeX project looks like this:

My projectname.tex

\hyphenation{}          % Words where LaTex-hyphenation fails 
\maketitle          % Creates a page with the title
%  \onehalfspacing              % This uses the package setspace
\tableofcontents        % This creates the table of contents
\include{chapter/acronym}   % Acronyms i use
% ...

\include{chapter/glossary}  % My glossary
\bibliography{bibliography/bibliography}  % Literature database

A chapter_x.tex looks like this:

\section[section short title]{section title}

And my header.tex looks like this:

% Document preamble
  \documentclass[  %
    12pt,          % default font size
    a4paper,       % papersize
    twoside,       % printout will be two sided
%    txt,           % 

  \usepackage{ulem}          % all words have the underline at the same height \uline statt \underline

  \usepackage[     %
    T1             % T1 font has european sigs

  \usepackage[     %
    utf8           % Depends on the operating system
    ]{inputenc}    %

  \usepackage[     %
    dvips,         %
    usenames       % allows to use blue yellow etc for font colors

  \usepackage{hyperref} % allows hyperlings in the table of contents

  \usepackage{amsmath} % math stuff
  \usepackage{amssymb}  % even more math stuff
  \usepackage[     % 
    style=long,   % 
%    toc=true,      % Boolean; if true the glossary will be shown in the table of contents
    hypertoc=true, % Hyperlinks in the glossary
    hyper=true,    % 
    number=none,   % 
    acronym=true   % 

%  \usepackage{xymtexps}
%  \usepackage{cite} % Used for citing
  \usepackage{textcomp} % Allows to set a ° for example
  \usepackage[     % 
    german         % You may not need this *g*

  \usepackage{setspace} % allows to easily change the space between lines
  \usepackage{pstricks} % Used to create graphs
  \usepackage{pst-plot} % Used to create graphs

  \renewcommand{\acronymname}{Abkürzungsverzeichnis} % Sets the name for acronymepage (I'm from germany)

  \author{Autor name}
  \title{Document title}
  \date{\copyright\ \today}

This setup works good for me.

Sorry for typos in the comments of the files. I just translated my comments from german and I'm too lazy to fix them g

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@aresnick Try asking at – Auron Feb 19 '11 at 23:57
Does this let me link to a file so that it could be opened with another program? I'm not looking to embed it--just provide a hyperlink to a file:/// url. – aresnick Feb 20 '11 at 2:22

This worked for me:

  • Put the myfile.png (or whatever extension) to the same folder as the .tex file


This is the link (Can be also a figure)


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