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I switch between a Mac and Ubuntu often. On my Ubuntu box, I use an Apple Aluminum keyboard.

I'm interested in Apple's "command" key: .   (I'm not concerned about the hardware control keys.)

  • cmd+T opens a browser tab
  • cmd+C, cmd+V for copy/paste, especially in a terminal window
  • control+c maintains the same meaning in terminal (abort)

Just switching the control & command keys in Ubuntu would almost get me there, except for the special behavior of the keys a terminal (Terminal is my most frequently used app.)

Has it been done?

edit: using Gnome, not KDE

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I had a look a a similar problem a while ago.

The problem was trying to make Command+C send something different than Command+(not C/X/V).

Maybe Autokey (Linux/Python version) can help?

For Gnome Terminal, mapping:

  • Command+C = Ctrl+Ins
  • Command+V = Shift+Ins
  • Command+X = Ctrl+Del

should be the easiest option, or you can can go to Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts if you need to use something else.

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