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I'm facing a strange problem with Netbeans. In the editor, when I type a backslash(), I see a W with a strikethrough (as shown in the attached image).

So the c:\\abc is displaying as:

Backslash displays as W-with-strikethrough in Netbeans

But, when I copy and paste that string into notepad, it gets pasted normally (i.e. c:\\abc).

Has anyone faced this problem before? How to fix it?

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It's a currency symbol for won.

Check your editor's font settings, in particular the "Script" field (if there is one).

Michael Kaplan's post When is a backslash not a backslash? says:

The character in question is U+005c, the REVERSE SOLIDUS, also known as the backslash or '\'. It is the path separator for Windows, which is encoded at 0x5c across all of the ANSI code pages.

Since path separators are a pretty important requirement, the title of this post may seem a little scary -- how could it not be a backslash, a reverse solidus?

Well, on Japanese code page 932, 0x5c is the YEN SIGN, and on Korean code page 949, 0x5c is the WON SIGN.

Which is not to say that 0x5c does not act as a path separator -- it still does. And which is also not to say that the Unicode code points for the Yen and the Won (U+00a5 and U+20a9) do act as path separators -- because they do not.

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lool! My font was set to Malgun Gothic. Thanks! – Zabba Feb 20 '11 at 14:18
so it is not possible to get a backslash in that font. what should one do to have backslash in such fonts. I am using GungshuChe in the terminal for coding and I need backslash – r004 Oct 17 '14 at 23:01

It is the font that is displayed on the screen.

for an example, if you "malgun gothic" and type "\", you will see the "W" with the strike through

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