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I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 as my os, I am using emacs in Gnome.

I have installed emacs and cscope successfully:

sudo apt-get install emacs

sudo apt-get install cscope

then run command in the directory of the source code folder in my terminal, and the index files have been produced.


and add the following stuf in .emacs in home/username folder

(require 'xcscope)

However, there isn't a short-cut ,'CSCOPE', in the emacs ui and when I use ctrl_c + s to use cscope, emacs said it's undefined.

What should i do now to make cscope run.

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This documentation of xcscope seems to provide a lot of information on the default keybindings and how to configure it properly.

However, you seem to have a bit too many ) in your require statement, did you copy it right? it should just be:

(require 'xcscope)

and that's it, outside of any other parenthesis.

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