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How can I create a putty shortcut that automatically launches a profile, so I can dial into a specific computer with one click?

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It's not even necessary to have a saved session for that. putty.exe user@host -p 42 and similar options can be used. – grawity Feb 20 '11 at 13:52
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From the Putty FAQ:

To run a PuTTY session saved under the name ‘mysession’, create a Windows shortcut that invokes PuTTY with a command line like \path\name\to\putty.exe -load "mysession"


In Windows 7, the shortcut has to be in quotes like this:

"\path\name\to\putty.exe" -load "mysession"

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I had referred to Putty Connection Manager as a useful addon, giving one click connects and tabbed windows, but it seems the app is dead and all the files removed from the hosting site.

While checking into this, I found a fork of the project, called superputty (see below) and a reference to KiTTY - a Win32 native version of PuTTY with extra features so here you go:



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There is no published files for puttycm, or homepages. – Olli Feb 20 '11 at 13:43
Yep - looks like the project has died - can't find the files anywhere. Shame. I have edited the post to reflect this. – Linker3000 Feb 20 '11 at 16:06

PuttyTray is an alternative where you get sessions in the Windows quickjump list if you pin it to the taskbar. Mine is pinned at position 9, so I type Win+Alt+9 to show list of sessions and arrow key to select, then enter to launch.

It also has a bunch of other nice to have features.

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