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In this setup, will the RAID controller (I'm going to use the one integrated in the Gigabyte GA-7DXR+) run both disks in Ultra-ATA 100?

Or will it run the disks each with their native speeds (133/100) ? From my understanding of RAID, it should run the disks at their native speed.

I'm going to run it with RAID 1.

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With Raid it is always best to use matched hard drives, same model and firmware revision, not a must but would be wise. Intersecting question, one would assume Yes, I would contact Gigabyte support and ask them. – Moab Feb 20 '11 at 22:43

A raid1 will (almost) never run faster than the slowest disk. One exception is if your raid controller is smart enough to distribute read requests. The wikipedia has a good article about raid.

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