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An application called DosBox Game Launcher (DBGL) requires JRE in order to run successfully. I had it installed and running on my old Windows 7 32-bit machine without any problems. Today I got my new PC with Windows 64-bit, and I cannot get it running anymore.

If I install the latest JRE 32-bit version to the \Program Files (x86) folder DBGL says it needs the latest JRE version in order to run and doesn't start. If I install the latest JRE 64-bit version to the \Program Files folder I do not get an error message anymore but the application doesn't start either. Clicking it has literally no effect.

Right now I have both JRE versions running parallely, and I get the same result I have when only the 64-bit version is installed.

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Try adding the 32-bit Java runtime to your PATH instead of the 64-bit version.

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