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I'm running Visual SVN server. I created a repository. I see my repository in this directory, C:\Repositories. I also installed tortoise SVN, so now how do I upload a project to source control?

Attempt 1

Import C:\dev\apache-ofbiz-09.04 to https://smallville/svn
Repository moved permanently to 'https://smallville/'; please relocate

Attempt 2

Command: Import C:\dev\apache-ofbiz-09.04 to https://smallville  
Error: OPTIONS of 'https://smallville': 200 OK (https://smallville)  

Attempt 3 & 4

tried with localhost, same errors

edit: i was using the wrong URL -- they look like this


you can get it if you navigate to the target repository, right click, copy URL to clipboard.

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Did you try clicking on the hyperlink in the VisualSVN manager? It should open a web browser to the page. If it does not, try adding Repositories to the URL (or whatever the name of the directory your repositories are stored in).

  • Right-click on your project folder
  • Select the TortoiseSVN submenu and click Import
  • Enter your SVN server (you can find the URL in the VisualSVN manager)
  • Enter additional optional information
  • Click OK

It should import the folder to the repository. Congratulations, you’ve just begun version-controlling your source!

  • Make some changes
  • Observe the TortoiseSVN overlays on the folder and files
  • Right-click your project folder
  • Select the TortoiseSVN submenu and click commit
  • View the changes (double-click specific items to diff them)
  • Add an update comment
  • Click OK

Congratulations, you’ve just updated your project. You can also revert or browser using either the TortoiseSVN repository browser, or your web-browser by going to the same URL.

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