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How do I configure Windows Search to index shortcuts on my desktop that are not in the Start menu? C:\users\myusername\Desktop is amongst indexed locations.

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I guess that you're using Windows 7 so in order to change Windows Search Index, just do the followings: 1) Press 'Windows Key' and type 'Indexing Options', you will Indexing Options in the search result; let choose it

2) Now you will see Indexing Options windows, let choose Modify

3) When 'Indexed Locations' appears, let choose a customize location which containing your shortcuts or your files, etc .. in the 'Change selected locations' panel; when you've done, just press 'OK' to continue.

4) Windows Search does indexing immediately; indexing time depends on your data, just press 'Close' and let Windows Search runs in background.

5) Fire up Windows key, and try a new search.

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See my question, Desktop is amongst indexed locations already. –  Borek Feb 21 '11 at 12:54

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