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As the title suggests:

Which image formats (raster and vector) are supported by Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows / 2011 for Mac? They should support the same formats but still.

I have not found this information elsewhere.

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From the "Insert Picture" dialog we have:

  • Windows Enhanced Metafile (*.emf)
  • Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
  • JPEG File Interchange Format(*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.jfif; *.jpe)
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp; *.dib; *.rle; *.bmz)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif; *.gfa)
  • Compressed Windows Enhanced Metafile (*.emz)
  • Compressed Windows Metafile (*.wmz)
  • Compressed Macintosh PICT (*.pcz)
  • Tag Image File Format (*.tif; *.tiff)
  • Computer Graphics Metafile (*.cgm)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps)
  • Macintosh PICT (*.pct; *.pict)
  • WordPerfect Graphics (*.wpg)

This is actually for Word 2007 on Windows (I misread the question) - but I can't see the list getting any shorter for Word 2010. Double check the Insert Picture dialog to make sure.

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With what version on what platform? – martineau Feb 21 '11 at 14:10
@martineau - sorry, I'll update the answer – ChrisF Feb 21 '11 at 14:12

In Microsoft Word 2011, go to the Help menu and select Word Help. In the Help window search box, type "image file types" (without the quotes) and press return. In the list of topics at the left select the topic, "Graphics file types you can insert and save." Expand each topic that appears on the right and you will have a comprehensive list of the supported file types for Office 2011 (not just Word).

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