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I'm seeing some intermittent behavior on the touchpad. First it wasn't working at all. Then during restart, for a little while it seemed like the buttons attached to the joystick and external mouse were both swapped left/right. Then I went in to the dell touchpad control and disabled the touchpad and re-enabled it and nothing happened. Then a short while after disabling the joystick the touch pad started working.

So I restarted to see if it would keep the settings and before login, the touchpad appeared to work, then after login it stopped working for a few minutes while login continued. Then after the login was almost completed it started to work again. It appeared to have retained the settings for the disabled joystick.

It seems like perhaps there are conflicting mouse drivers trying to simultaneously or similar.

This doesn't seem normal for the touchpad to be disabled for so long after login. What steps should I take to ensure the drivers are right?

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All you can do is update the drivers to the latest available from Dell and your joystick manufacturer. – Moab Feb 21 '11 at 22:35
I had the same problem with an E5500. The touchpad became unusable but it worked fine with an external mouse. – Mitch Sep 2 '12 at 21:30

You can update the drivers to the latest available from Dell and your joystick manufacturer

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