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Isn't there a programs that will capture screen writes at the hardware level?

I have tried several Firefox add-ons, and several stand-alone programs, and none of them will save videos from this site. I even paid for Replay Media Catcher, and it didn't work, so I got a refund. (The website for the best Firefox video downloader I have, Downloadhelper, said Replay Media Catcher worked with that site.)

I have a slow internet connection, and cannot watch videos smoothly unless I can cache them. This site ( doesn't cache, when you restart, it reloads, when you pause it stops - so I need to be able to save the videos to be able to watch them.

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There is software that will record your screen, but that won't help you, because it will just record it as it appears on your screen, lags and all. – Patches Feb 21 '11 at 23:33

That RMC doesn't work is a very bad sign, this mean that there is no capture-able stream, perhaps it is encrypted or in a less usual format. As you also mentions that no cache is being saved, the only way to go is to capture your screen.

Try Fraps, XSplit or VHCap to record your screen; then use VirtualDub to cut out the pauses...

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I agree with Tom, on that being a bad sign - but anything that can be displayed can be captured.

I'd first use the firefox developer tools to see what the actual source is (of the .flv or whatever) and open it directly ... sometimes an iFrame or other frame will confuse the downloaders. I've also found that Ant Video downloader does a pretty good job on catching some of these.

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