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I tried running a program on wine (a windows program) on my ubuntu 10.04 box...but now, the browser and everything has the look and feel of a Windows 3.x box...I don't know what happened or how to reset

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Wine does support some basic theming of window styles - See Configuring Wine.

Detailed explanation of what you need to do is...

  1. Search for the folder .wine (usually found at /home/(user name)/.wine;
  2. add a folder called "Themes", 3 visit
  3. download a theme,
  4. add the .msstyles file (into a folder of its own) under the (newly created) "Themes" folder,
  5. type winecfg in a terminal - Or find it under WINE Menuitem.
  6. Under Desk Top Integration, select "Install Theme" then select the .msstyles file.

The actual file your looking for to add a theme is .msstyles.

A article which includes a python script that automates theming from Webup8.

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