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I'm trying to sync Palm information into Outlook 2007. The Palm Memos are mapped to Outlook's Notes. The editor provided for Notes is unbelievably primitive - the windows Notepad would be a huge improvement. The tiny fixed window can be sized from only one corner, and there are not even any scroll bars! Palm's memo's are limited to a few K of text, but Outlook apparently doesn't intend for Notes to be more than a sentence or two.

Is there any way to replace the built in Notes editor with any 3rd party app or plug-in for Outlook so the notes could be as usable as the old Palm desktop memo?

I'm not looking for a replacement application like OneNote - I need to keep the notes in Outlook because it can sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes with my Android device. (Deja Office). I would be delighted if I could sync OneNote with Android - then I would just eliminate the Outlook notes and use OneNote. Maybe someday that will be possible. For now, I just want to be able to edit the notes in Outlook.

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It turns out there is an application to sync OneNote to Android - mobilenoter.com. It just came out, but unfortunately, the current version doesn't work very well. –  tim11g Feb 24 '11 at 14:35

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