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I have a DVI graphics card. And I need to connect with a LCD with VGA port. Which cable I need for this: DVI to VGA (female) or a VGA(female) to DVI cables

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There are adaptors for DVI to VGA. Then you can plug in a standard VGA cable.

i.e. one of these + a standard VGA cable should do it:

enter image description here

Sometimes they are supplied with your computer.

Notice the four pins around the flat pin; those carry the analog signal required for VGA. A DVI-D port lacks an analog signal and those pins won't fit:

enter image description here

If your video card only outputs digitally, you could consider an active DVI-D to VGA adapter, which costs around 47 USD:

enter image description here

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Thanks for the edit Cees Timmerman. That analog/digital breakdown is gold. Explains why the adapter I was using from my macbook couldn't drive the TV. It was missing the 4 analog pins on the left for some reason. – Matt H Jul 22 '14 at 2:06

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