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I have a usb port which connects a little man usb hub I got for Christmas. It worked fine to begin with however now it works on any computer other than my own. When I plug the man in it lights up and when I plug things into the man it says they have malfunctioned but when I plug them straight into tha port it's fine. Is there somesort of driver that needs to be refreshed? I have no idea how these work so please explain!

I use windows 7 32bit.

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A little more is need it to explain bether, so here it goes what i thing it is a simple task for you that dont have an idea on "how these work". Worst it will be you trying to understanding me. Im sorry for that allready.

Go to COMPUTER, (Right Clik It) Select PROPRETIS (DAMM MY INGLISH IS BAD!) Then somewere there should be DEVICE MANAGER (somewere cause i dont know 7 OS very well =( ) Open it. Expand the USB something, like USB GENERIC HUB, expand it and check if you have something like a yellow sign in front. If ou have, just unistal that thing, disconect the Cristmas Hub and restart PC. Then reconect the Critmas hub and windows should automatcly instal it. If you can´t se any yellow sign, you have to figure out whitch of that USB things is actualy your hub, that depends on your PC, and if its named like CRISTMAS HUB or just Generic USB Hub Device (This is just an example cause i don´t know what it says in your laguage.) If you could find whitch one is realy your Cristmas hub, unistal it and do the PC restart thing.

What i am trying to explaining to you is just cleaning the previous driver instaled, for PC to seems never had your HUB intaled, and then reconecting it like the first time. If this dosan´t fix it, can be only other two things. Put the Cristmas Hub in trash cause it´s broken and ask for another, or ask for a more complicated Fix to some one more expert than me cause you have a bigger problem. But i realy hope my help it´s enoph, better for you cause of your hub and better for me cause i will sleep better.

PS: When you unistal the HUB from the Device Manage, rebbot the sistem, reconect the HUB and WAIT for windows or watever your OS is to autometicly instal your hub. Don´t go MAD conecting other stuff in your HUB, just wait till you sistem says its ok. Hope your hub is plug and play. Should be.. lol

PS2: If this dosan´t help, please for ur concern, put more info about your sistem and machine, it can help who wants to help you. Like, how many ports of USB do you have on your machine, and whit ones are you using and whit what. I´t maybe seem a stupid question but if your puching to mutch energy from others USB ports can cause faulty things on others USB devices.. CPU based on windows 7 like yours should have a good power suply but we can´t put the microwave and washing machine and tv and vcr all the same time..

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I am very sorry to tell you this now but, as it may not seem from the question, I am not a complete computer novice and really you could have fit that few into a few sentances. I am very sorry that you spent that time writing this answer and I am very greatfull but this has not fixed the problem, I had already tried reinstalling the driver of the device but is there a way of reinstalling the driver of the actual splitter? The error doesn't occour until I insert a device into the splitter. I am powering a small usb flash drive. – Cameron Feb 27 '11 at 0:00

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