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I just installed Dropbox on my Mac, so now I have this Dropbox folder in my home directory.

I only have the free plan (2 GB), so I can't just throw all my files & directories in there.

I currently store all my projects in my ~/Projects directory.

Should I just move files I want to store into Dropbox, or should I also create a symlink ln -s (or should I use Mac Alias instead?) so that I can also access the file outside of my Dropbox directory?

I'm thinking if I move a whole project to the dropbox that's cool. But, in some cases, I might only want to Dropbox some of the files in a project, in which case I'll also want to have those files inside the project directory, esp. since I usually track my individual projects with Git.

How do you do it?

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The Dropbox help has an article about this.

The rest of your question is subjective and argumentative. Do you have more specific requirements?

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I just keep my git repositories in Dropbox. Dropbox doesn't seem to have any issue with conflicts... or at least I haven't experienced any problems with keeping git repos on Dropbox for the last year or so.

Why would you want to access files outside the Dropbox directory?

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Thanks. Well, I guess I'm just used to having them in the ~/Projects directory and have some ~/.bash_profile deploy scripts and such that rely on that. Not a big deal though. But, if I didn't have enough storage to store the whole project, then I could just symlink to a few of the files in the project. – mattdipasquale Feb 23 '11 at 17:57
Yeah very true -- dropbox follows symlinks so you're good. Also since I code on two computers, I like to keep all my configuration on dropbox: ~/.bash_profile -> /Users/me/Dropbox/code/dotfiles/.bash_profile – Aaron Gibralter Feb 23 '11 at 23:43

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