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I downloaded centos from their official bittorrent.It contained two iso files and md5sum.txt,sha1sum.txt and sha256sum.txt and also md5sum.txt.asc,sha1sum.txt.asc and sha256sum.txt.asc.
Now when I mount iso file to virtual drive there is no autoplay option.Can you tell me how to install it.I dont see any setup file?

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Be aware that installing CentOS (or any other operating system) on your computer typically erases the existing Windows OS. It's certainly possible to have both (or more), but you have to know what you're doing. – Chris S Feb 22 '11 at 19:10
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CentOS does not ship with a Windows installer. The easiest method is to burn the ISO to a CD/DVD (depending on the image you downloaded) and boot from that. ImgBurn can help you with the burning process, simply select "Write image file to disc".

enter image description here

If you just want to test out CentOS, you may prefer VirtualBox. You can install CentOS from inside windows to a virtual disk file and run it inside it's own window. It will not run as fast as a bare metal install, but it will give you a good feel of the CentOS environment.

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Isn't your download a CD or DVD iso image that you have to burn to a bootable CD or DVD and boot from it to install?

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I recommend you to use the VirtualBox solution already suggested by John T. It seems closer to your experience and it's a good way to test Linux.

Good luck.

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