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Is there a setting, plugin or extra that will make my Adium contact list include users who are online but set to "invisible"?

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Never having heard about Adium, i'm going to answer your question and say, "No". The contact is invisible so you can't see them.

If you're able to see people who have set themselves to invisible, then it's going to be a bug.

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When a user sets himself as "invisible", the IM server reports his status as "offline" to you, exactly as if the user was logged out. That's the whole point of "Invisible" mode.

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Adium does show invisible, but online contacts. Atleast for jabber accounts. I'm talking about version 1.4.2

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  1. temporarily turn off View→Hide Certain Contacts ( ⇧⌘H )
  2. single-click on the contact to select it
  3. choose Get Info from the Contact menu ( ⌘I )
  4. go to the fourth tab: ⚙  ("Advanced Settings")
  5. check the box for ☑ Always show this contact
  6. if desired, reactivate Hide Certain Contacts ( ⇧⌘H )
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Note that this does what it says on the tin, showing them whether online or not—invisible is invisible—but this setting lets one easily initiate a new chat. Also; yes its a five-year question necro, but this question was first in my search results, so no ragrets. – Joel Reid Feb 4 at 18:35

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