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at my school we have a student unix server with our accounts.

i have installed git on my account, created a repository, and created the acl permissions on the folder repository so other users can access the repository

# file: tp1
# owner: my_account
# group: groupxxx

but friend_account cant even cd to my tp1 directory (permission denied), so i think the problem should be in unix acl permissions..

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The user needs to be able to cd to every directory above tp1 as well, i.e. friend_account must have the x permission to every directory above tp1. So for example if tp1 is /home/daniel/course1/tp1 then you need

setfacl -m user:friend_account:x /home/daniel /home/daniel/course1

If you give x permission but not r on a directory, your friend will be able to traverse the directory and reach its subdirectories and access any file that (s)he has permission to, but not view the list of files in the directory.

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thanks :D it worked – Daniel Feb 23 '11 at 4:14

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